SPLC – Masters of Unreality

by Robert Picard

The Southern Poverty Law Center has recently released its report regarding “hate groups” in the United States.  On their web page, the main articles entitled, “U.S. Hate Groups Top 1,000,” SPLC editor Mark Potok is quick to jump out and say, …the most dramatic growth in the radical right came in the antigovernment “Patriot” movement. These conspiracy-minded organizations, which see the federal government as their primary enemy, grew by 61 percent over the previous year.”

Of course, Mr.  Potok does not mention any real “conspiracies” in the article.  What he does do is that he (along with others) is to call something which is perfectly normal and lawful hateful, or a conspiracy.

Case in point:  He is quick to point out the following (emphasis mine):

Mark Potok, SPLC

“Mainstream politicians have promoted many of the ideas and conspiracy theories important to these groups. Last April, for example, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed S.B. 1070, the harshest state anti-immigrant law in the country, setting off a flood of proposals for similar laws. State legislators also have offered proposals that would roll back birthright citizenship, bar judges from considering Islamic law in state courtrooms, institute an alternative currency, and even allow a state to disregard federal laws and regulations.”

Regarding Arizona’s “anti-immigration” law;  Does not that particular law only enforce the laws that are already in place?  There are elements in such State laws that could indeed be detrimental to some people.  But, these issues need to be dealt with on an individual basis.  That’s what this nation is about:  individual liberty and freedom!  Just think, if we did not have unlawful welfare programs already, we really would not have this issue to begin with.  I know that my grandparents came from different parts of the world – LEGALLY!  They did not come here for a hand-out, but for the freedom and liberty to live life to the fullest they could.  So, we do not have an immigration problem.  We have an “illegal” immigration problem, which was begun by a true conspiracy of tyrants desiring to break our country.  The bottom line is this.  Take away the motive for people to come illegally, and the problem will begin to be taken care of.

There have indeed been some legislators across the country that desire to roll back birthright citizenship.  This would be a grave mistake, because it would be unconstitutional.  The Fourteenth Amendment is there to protect those that were born in this country.  Again, the illegal hand-outs are the things to be eliminated, not the Constitutional precept.

I find it even stranger that this appears in the article:  bar judges from considering Islamic law in state courtrooms. So, let’s call for separation of church and state, not allow the mention of the name of Jesus Christ and God (upon our moral and civil law rests), even calling Christians hateful and homophobic!  But thinking that Islamic law is OK?  Me thinks this to be a strange double standard.

I guess something positive could come about from having Islamic law.  There wouldn’t be as many people illegally thrown in jail.  They’d be executed for marijuana possession!  A great way to cut government jobs – Take that Wisconsin!

Instituting an “alternative currency,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, is also a conspiracy theory.  I must say that I do agree with that!  Our current FIAT monetary system IS an alternative currency.  It is alternative to real, sound, Biblical and Constitutional money.  Our financial (and spiritual) morass can be laid right on the feet of the founders of the Federal Reserve Bank (where are they on the list of “hate” groups?  Oh yeah.  I forgot they fund the SPLC, sending their constituents on the road to poverty).  Since 1913, the presses have been rolling on, and are at warp speed, spurring on inflation that will lead more people to the poor house, while the Wall St. megalomaniacs pay themselves off with lavishness (or should I say “lasciviousness”).

Constitutional money is the way to go.  Article 1, Section 8 0f the U.S. Constitution says this:

To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures;

Notice that it does not say “print.”  With Constitutional money there is no inflation.  The weight of the gold or silver is the same value, whether it be a domestic or foreign coin.  Imagine that!  The Fed could not just create “money from nothing,” and then charge the government and you the interest to use it.  Eventually you become “under water” with your mortgage, and the banks own the real property!  Conspiracy theories anyone?

In 1789 the Constitution gave Congress the power to regulate the value of the dollar by weight and fineness.  Eventually on April 2, 1792 the first Mint Act was passed under the present Constitution and the dollar and its value were finally defined.  The coinage act of 1792 established the following:

1.  Authorized coinage of the silver dollar (of the value of Spanish milled dollar) against the deposit of silver and fixed its weight at 371.25 grains of pure silver or 416 grains of standard silver;

2.  fixed the standard for silver coins as 1485/1664 (.8924) fine;

3.  fixed the coinage ratio of gold and silver as 1 to 15;

4.  provided for free coinage; and

5.  declared silver dollars (and all other coins authorized) lawful tender.

[The five points above were taken verbatim from the US Mint web site.  Notice that they refer to “silver dollars” as “lawful tender”, not “legal tender”.  The terms “legal” and “lawful” are not synonymous.]

The last thing I’ll point out is this.  The SPLC actually has the audacity to think that it is hateful or a conspiracy theory to  “…even allow a state to disregard federal laws and regulations.” I can only say one thing.  It’s the Tenth Amendment, Stupid!

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

It is so simple that even a 6 year old child could even understand it.  The Constitution gives the federal government just a few duties.  These can be found in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.  I won’t quote it, but open up Google (or your favorite search engine), and type in these words – “article 1 section 8” – and you can find these “conspiratorial words!”

Yes, it is the duty, Mr. Potok, for the States to disregard (or disobey if you may) any law that is unconstitutional.  It is also lawful for the average Joe Citizen to do the same.

Bottom line:  The Constitutional viewpoint is not a “right wing” or “left wing” view.  It is indeed a truly centrist view.  The Constitutional view is not “anti-government,” but “pro-government” in a legal and moral sense.  Our Founding Fathers had the hindsight, insight and foresight to understand the creep of tyranny.

I am afraid that if people do not realize that liberty and freedom rest with the individual – being accountable to the  Creator, who gave us “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,”  we will all be in trouble.

Writing about laws being made for, or against, certain groups, Frederic Bastiet said, “But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them, and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime.”

What Have We Lost!

by Alan Adaschik

Most Americans have no clue about what has been done to us because it happened slowly over time.  When things happen gradually, the inclination of people is to disconnect occurrences from their causes and accept what unfolds as being the result of random events.  However, in politics, nothing happens by accident and where this Nation is today is the result of a deliberate plan devised by a group of men who place their interests above all other considerations.  Principles, honor, truth, ideals, and our overall well-being mean nothing to these people.  Their greed and lust for power overrides everything and the price we paid and will continue to pay because of them is horrendous.  This article will attempt to make you aware of what we have lost because the truth is the only thing we have left of value in these final hours of tribulation.

Before proceeding, we should know who our enemy is.  “Enemy” is the right word to use for these people because they dissolved the Republic to which we still foolishly pledge allegiance.  The name they use today is the New World Order.  However, this label is deceptive because the New World Order is not really a new world order.  Instead it is the same old order that Americans fought in our Revolutionary War.  True, the battles of this war were against the military might of Great Brittan, but unknown to most is the fact that, at the time, England was under the thumb of a group of international bankers and power brokers.  This is validated by one of our most illustrious Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, who said:

“The inability of the colonists to get power to issue their own money permanently out of the hands of King George III and the international bankers was the prime reason for the Revolutionary War.”

Another important thing to know is that the same people who are behind the New World Order are also behind “our” Federal Reserve Bank.  “Our” is in quotes because the Fed is a private corporation which does not belong to us and is not a part of our government.  In truth, the Fed is no more “federal” than Federal Express and is not a reserve of any kind.  Instead of being anything its name implies, the Fed is a front organization for the New World Order and their prime source of revenue.  Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 and this unconstitutional legislation gave the Fed the means to siphon off the wealth and prosperity of our Nation.  Having this power made these criminals rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and this wealth enabled them to corrupt and control anything and everything they wish.  Included in their choices were our government and the major institutions of our society.  The two institutions they coveted most, for reasons which should be obvious, are our media and entertainment industries.

How much money have they stolen from us?  It is not possible to calculate this sum with any definitive degree of certainty but it is to equal to the total amount we borrowed from the Fed over the past one-hundred years plus the interest on this debt over this same period of time.  Upon passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, Congress authorized the Fed to create, out of thin air, the money we borrow from them which we are obligated to pay back plus interest.  Now hang on to your hat, because the money we pay back to the Fed, unlike the money they loan us, is not created out of thin air.  Instead, it is in dollars we earn through our industry and hard work.  This is scandalous, especially when one considers that we would not have to pay the Fed anything if Congress coined (created) our money as our Constitution requires.

In truth, the Fed is nothing more than a gang of holdup men who are robbing us blind.  The worst aspect of this is that Congress has made themselves an accomplice to this crime by not only providing the guns used, not only by holding these guns to our heads while we are being robbed, not only by collecting and turning our money over to them, but also by sanctioning their crime through a legislative act so they will never be brought to justice and can continue stealing from us forever.

As absurd and ridiculous as this is, it becomes even more absurd and ridiculous when one considers the fact that we are getting nothing for our money.  In 1913, when the Federal Reserve Act was under consideration proponents urged its adoption because the Fed would moderate booms and busts in our economy.  They have failed miserably in this regard and we only have to look to the Great Depression of 1929 and the recession we are in now to know the truth of this.  What this means is that all the money paid the Fed over the past one-hundred years was paid in exchange for nothing.  Saying this again more forcefully:


Think about the enormity of what you just read.  The Fed was a scam from its inception and the people who we elect to look out for our best interests have made all of us victims of this fraudulent criminal enterprise.

What have we lost?

Obviously, we have lost the trillions of dollars that the New World Order has stolen from us, but this is the least of it because this money has allowed the Fed to play the tune this Nation has danced to for the past one-hundred years.  Included in this dance are two world wars, the Great Depression, our present permanent recession, and the perpetual war on terror which is further draining this Nation of its wealth and resources.  Beyond this, since laying claim to the entire world, the New World Order is now a curse upon every living thing on this sorely abused and over-stressed planet.

Because of the Fed we have lost our heritage and the nation bequeathed us by the Founding Fathers.  The American experiment in Republican Democracy was the result of four-thousand years of governmental development and beyond question it was the greatest form of government devised by man.  Our forebears were blessed because the government they lived under truly was of the people, by the people, and for the people.  All Americans had a sacred duty to protect and preserve this government and pass it on to posterity.  In this we have failed and today, the ideal which once was our government is as dead as a doornail.

Because of the New World Order, the sovereignty of nations is being relegated to the dustbin of history.  Most people think that Globalization is the subordination of the world’s governments to the god’s of trade and commerce.  There is an element of truth in this, but trade and commerce are not the only driving forces behind globalization.  A more sinister force is the New World Order which will be better positioned to manage and control the world if governments are no longer sovereign.  The World Trade Organization is the prime vehicle for accomplishing this and in the not too distant future, nations will be similar to our states where when push comes to shove, the New World Order will have the final say in everything.

If you have doubts about this, open your eyes and look at what is happening to the United States .  Treaties like GATT, NAFTA, and CAFTA have stripped away our sovereignty and eliminated the constitutionally provided role our Congress is supposed to play in managing trade and relations with foreign nations.  Add in the double whammies of open borders which enable hoards of illegal immigrants to swarm over us plus an absurd level of legal immigration and you should begin to get the picture.  Now include the fact that our government is destroying what remains of the dollars we have which haven’t been stolen by the Fed and the picture is complete.  As a people, we are being marginalized, driven into poverty, and stripped of our rights with the cooperation and complicity of our government.  This is our fate because what is left of the United States remains a threat to the New World Order’s plans for world domination.  America must go so the New World Order can grow.

Because of the New World order we have also lost the rule of law both here at home and on the international stage.  The New World Order, for the most part, is a dictatorship and criminal enterprise.  This being the case, it has no respect for the law and does not want to be inhibited or restrained by it in any way.  For this reason, this criminal organization has insured that government officials who do their bidding are no longer accountable under the law.  To see this is the case all we have to do is look to Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama.

Bill Clinton is a sexual predator who obstructed justice and committed Felony Perjury while in office.  Despite the overwhelming amount of evidence against him, not only did the Senate fail to remove him from office for his crimes, but our Attorney General failed to indict him after the Senate wrongfully let him off the hook.  Are these absurdities hard to understand?  Bill Clinton was a hand picked protégé of the New World order who delivered this Nation unto the clutches of the World Trade Organization.  How could the New World Order let such a valuable servant go down in history as a disgraced and defrocked President?

Similarly, George Bush is a President who invaded Iraq on a trumped up lie and reestablished torture as an acceptable prerogative of war.  George Bush, beyond all doubt is a war criminal.  Unfortunately for justice and all of mankind, he has gotten away with his crimes because they were committed at the behest of our New World Order masters.  How could it be any other way?  Is it not in the best interest of the New World Order to have the institutions which are supposed to address crimes against humanity rendered dysfunctional?  If this were not the case, how else could they wage war against those who oppose them?

We now come to Barack Obama the man who is supposed to be our President.  It is a fact that Barack Obama’s father is not an American citizen.  If Barack Obama’s father is not an American citizen, then Barack Obama is not a natural born American (an American born of American parents).  If Barack Obama is not a natural born American, then he is not constitutionally qualified to be our President.  If Barack Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be our President, then he is not our President.  In conclusion, despite what so many of us prefer to believe, it is a proven fact that our Constitution deems Barack Obama to be an imposter pretending to be our President and being lawyers, this is known by the vast majority of Congress.  Yet, despite the sacred oath they swore to preserve our Constitution, the Republicans, Democrats, Congress, and our Supreme Court refuse to address this constitutional abomination.

Have you noticed how our mainstream media focuses solely upon the issue of whether or not Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and ignores the fact that his father is not an American citizen when this is the key issue which disqualifies him from being President?  Of course, this is a just an oversight on the part of all those educated reporters and high paid media executives.  Surely, the New World Order has nothing to do with this sorry state of affairs even though they control our media and relish foisting such constitutional absurdities upon a trusting and clueless American people.

The New World Order also has stolen “truth” from us.  The Federal Reserve became the Nation’s central bank through deception and lies.  Now we have been conned into accepting a criminal enterprise as a legitimate world government through deception and lies.  Because our government is considered to be the leader of what we wrongfully refer to as the free world, it is a focal point for New World Order duplicity.  Almost nothing our government tells us anymore is the truth because honesty from our government would lead to panic and chaos.  Therefore, our government is afraid of the truth and lies to us about everything.  Such things as unemployment, the level of inflation, how are laws are made, how we are governed, the reasons we invade other nations, etc., etc., are lies.  We live in a world of fantasy where truth is a threat to the established order of things and telling the truth by a government official is political suicide.

In conclusion, the Old/New World Order, aka the Federal Reserve is a group of demented criminals who have conned and bribed Congress into accepting a flawed and corrupt banking system.  This has enabled these greedy men to amass vast fortunes which they used to compromise and corrupt the governments of the world.  They now dominate to such a degree that they have created what they brazenly call a New World Order.  To be sure, the monetary and financial losses to these men are unconscionable, but the worst aspect of our situation is that the wealth they stole from us has put them in charge and this spells disaster for all of mankind.  They are absolutely the worst people to have making important decisions at this very critical time in our history.  Furthermore, considering their track record, who do you think will benefit from the decisions they make?  Do your really think that suddenly they will become responsible leaders when everything they have done so far is the epitome if irresponsibility?

The New World Order only cares about more power and more money.  The last two things it cares about are people and ethics. Ethics is a system or code of moral philosophy for individuals or organization.  The ethical system which was incorporated into our constitution was developed by the Western World over thousand of years.  The tremendous success enjoyed by the United States was a direct result of our ethical standards and if things were the way they are supposed to be, America would be the ideal to which other nations aspired.  However, today everything has been turned upside down because a sinister force was present which worked against the ideals which America exemplified.

Passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 was a tremendous victory for these sinister forces and in case you are a member of the clueless majority, wake up and realize that their victory essentially undid our Revolutionary War.  However, this American tragedy pales in comparison to when these sinister forces established their New World Order.  From that day forward, the “Dark Side” was in charge.  We now live in a world where ethics are an anathema to those who lead us and words such as truth, justice, honor, responsibility, and fair play are nothing more than empty shells used to keep us fooled while they have their way with us.

Presently, world population is at seven-billion people and in the next thirty-five years is projected to skyrocket to nine-billion.  This means the survivability of human beings and the entire natural world is at risk.  The time to address these concerns was decades ago when the associated problems where not critical and possible solutions relatively easy to implement.  Instead, we wasted time because the New World Order kept us diverted doing things like fighting two world wars and coping with the Great Depression.  These New World Order extravaganzas, besides squandering the world’s resources and causing the deaths of millions upon millions of innocent people, have wasted precious time.  Now the New World Order has given us a perpetual war on terror and a permanent recession to keep us occupied.  Nothing has changed nor will it change because these unethical criminals care nothing about securing a sustainable future for mankind.  They are only concerned with feathering their own nests and keeping us in constant state of turmoil so we stay oblivious to what they are doing to us.

The legacy of the New World Order is one of lies, shame, dishonor, lawlessness, duplicity, and immorality.  They truly are a group of greedy criminals who should be in jail instead of running the world.  The price we pay because of these self-serving men goes far beyond money because their leadership has insured that the future of mankind, if we survive at all, will be one of turmoil, misery, and destitution.


Obviously, most of the above is hard for the average person to accept as true.  If you are one of these individuals, stop to consider and contemplate the New World Order.  Surely its existence is an established fact as substantiated by recent presidents and a multitude of world leaders.  This being the case, ask yourself exactly what does the New World Order do?  The honest answer to this question is we do not know.  It must be doing something, but they refuse to tell us what this is.  At this point, perhaps we should ask what we know to be true about the New World Order.

We know that it is a secretive organization which came into existence behind closed doors and without the knowledge of the people it rules.  Needless to say, this is not a very good sign.  If the New World Order is such a good idea, why did it hide from public scrutiny while being developed and why does it still not tell us anything about what it is doing?  In consideration of these facts, it is reasonable to conclude that there is not much which is good about the New World Order.  This is unsettling because the organization lays claim to being a world governing body.  In any case, if the New World Order governs the world then it must be a driving force behind important things happening today.

Eureka !  We have found a means of discerning what the New World Order does.  If they govern the world, then what is happening to the world is what they do.   A cursory examination of what is taking place reveals that the New World Order is responsible for:

  • The corruption and weakening of national governments.

  • The corruption and weakening of the world’s institutions and moderating organizations.

  • The subversion of the rule of law throughout the world.

  • The subversion of Christianity as a moral force throughout the world.

  • The incorporation of lies and deception as a primary operating prerogative of government.

  • The theft of land, resources, and wealth of various groups of people.

  • The use of invasion and war to bring opposing groups of people under its control.

  • The use of torture as an acceptable tool of war.

There you have it!  This is the legacy of the New World Order.  It truly is a criminal organization which holds the entire world within its grip and one that is dragging all of humanity into a cesspool of injustice, deception, and lies.  Still having problems with this?  Then you are probably one of those who think the above listed earth shaking developments are happening by accident.  I’ll also bet you are the kind of American who thinks that the people who overthrew our government and gave us two world wars, the Great Depression, the perpetual war on terror, and the permanent recession we are in are the ones best qualified to rule the world.  Perhaps you should go back to watching Monday night football.


If you wish to validate and substantiate the facts, claims, and conclusions reached and presented in this article, you can do so from the following documents.

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January 2011 – What’s New

Has it really been almost a year since I last updated my website?  I apologize to my readers for this.  There has not been much wind in my sails lately.  My beautiful and wonderful wife of 22 years, Gayle, after fighting breast cancer for two and one-half years, succumbed to her illness and passed in October.  Needless to say, this past year has not been the best of my life.  I miss her and hope one day we will be together in the place God has prepared for His children.

Despite the time lapsed, I only have one item that is brand new to my website and this is my latest article, “What We Have Lost!”  This article addresses the true cost we have paid and will continue pay because the New World Order has taken control of the world.  Needless to say, in consideration of the fact that the New World Order is a criminal organization, the price we are talking about goes far beyond what most of us could ever imagine.

Click here to go to:  What We Have Lost!

A new selection has been added to the site’s main menu entitled Zionism.  This is an important addition to the site because of the significant role Zionists have played in American history.  Unfortunately, for the rest of us, this has been to the detriment of this Nation because, irrespective of which nation they are citizens of, a Zionist’s first loyalty is to the state of Israel .

Click her to go to:  Zionism

And now to my Swan Song!

I have been at odds with my government for almost thirty years now.  My walk on the wild side began when I stopped the City I worked for from dumping raw sewage into the river which flowed near my home.  Since then my life has never been the same.  However, it wasn’t until GATT passed in 1994 that I focused my attention toward the federal government and began the walk which led me to where I am now.  Looking back, never in my worst nightmares did I think I would ever believe what I now believe about the government we entrust with our lives and fortunes.

When I was a young man, I decide early on that thinking was far more important than memorizing and my efforts throughout my early years concentrated on learning how to think.  A critical element of sound thinking is the ability to take yourself out of the equation and look upon situations as if they had absolutely no affect upon you.  Doing so helps remove bias from the discovery, analysis, and conclusions reached about any given issue.  I have become quite adept at this and it has given me a nimbleness of mind that has proven to be a bane those detractors who foolishly try to “take me on”.

I only mention this because I wish to emphasize that politically speaking where I’m at today, is not the result of bias or prejudice.  I started my walk down this road with no preconceived notions or axes to grind and wish with every fiber of my being that what I know to be true isn’t.  However, as a soldier of Christ, the truth is sacred to me and I will speak honestly no matter how many people it offends or how many powerful people become upset.  I sincerely believe that everything on my website is the truth and just because a lot of what I have written is repugnant, I will not forsake one word of it unless someone shows me where and why I am wrong.

I am now 67 years old and tired.  At this point, I believe I have said just about everything which can be said about what is wrong with America and where the nation I love is going.  Repeating myself in future articles will serve no useful purpose and I loathe to become repetitive and boring.  I also strongly believe that I have done my part and fulfilled my obligations as a citizen.  I have stood up for what I believe and went the extra mile to try and stop the wrongs being heaped upon us.  All the foregoing being true, I now take my leave and pass these battles on for younger men to fight.  Please understand that I am not going to become a hermit and still will be available for conversation or consultation.  I also reserve the right to pop up from time to time if something happens which really gets my dander up.  However, I will not be actively updating my website but intend to keep it on line as a reference as long as I am able.

In closing, let me say that the truth is out there and it is not very nice, but this does not make it any less true.

God Bless All of You,

Alan Adaschik

Will we be willing to join the fight.

Constitution Party Candidate draws massive crowd to Outlaw Inn

Baldwin: ‘There’s a Fight Coming’

Chuck Baldwin speaks during his Liberty Bell Meeting to a packed house at the Outlaw Inn in Kalispell. – Lido Vizzutti/Flathead Beacon

By Dan Testa , 01-17-11

Chuck Baldwin hasn’t stated outright that he plans to run for governor of Montana. But in a speech to a packed room at the Outlaw Inn in Kalispell last week, he all but declared his candidacy, describing the prospect as, “so thrilling I just get goose bumps.”

“Because so many people have asked me, I am seriously thinking about it,” Baldwin said. “There has to be a governor willing to put his life on the line to defend the Constitution.”

Baldwin, the 2008 presidential nominee for the national Constitution Party, described waking in the middle of the night and imagining himself, as governor of Montana, writing a letter to the federal government taking control of all the state’s national parks, forests and Wilderness areas.

“I write, ‘all of the land that you claim is federal has just been reclaimed by the state of Montana,’” Baldwin said. “All these wilderness areas and U.N. wilderness is just an excuse to enslave the citizenry.”

As Montana’s chief executive, Baldwin said he would also reject the federal government in the manner of Arizona’s adoption of a strict and controversial immigration law, which is being challenged by the U.S. Justice Department.

“We need a governor who will do whatever (Arizona Gov.) Jan Brewer did about whatever the issue is,” Baldwin said. “Draw that line in the sand, but then, just take it the next step and say, ‘We don’t care what the Supreme Court says.’”

“That’s what states have the power to do,” he added. “They have the power under God, don’t you see?”

Baldwin described other states, particularly in the Rocky Mountain West, eventually joining Montana in its fight against, “the terrorists of Washington D.C.” It is that struggle he believes is coming that prompted the former head of Florida’s Moral Majority to leave the Baptist church he led there for 35 years and move his family to the Flathead Valley several months ago.

“We know there’s a fight coming. We know there is a line being drawn in the sand, and we want to be in the right place,” Baldwin said. “The good ground is right here in Montana and we want to be in the right place.”

His remarks were met with thunderous applause by the more than 200 people who braved a frigid, January evening to hear Baldwin speak. In the audience were several members of Kalispell’s growing white nationalist community, some of whom have been screening Holocaust denial and Nazi propaganda films at the public library over the last year. Also in attendance were members of Lincoln County Watch, a Eureka group that meets to discuss suspicious government activity in the area.

But the vast majority of the audience was comprised of curious, conservative valley residents, many of whom are active in Tea Party-style groups like the Northwest Montana Patriots. The event itself, titled, “Montana: The Tip of the Spear,” was sponsored by a group called Flathead Liberty Bell. Before Baldwin’s remarks a member of the group, Dane Clark, presented a donated rifle to Demari DeReu, the Columbia Falls teen temporarily suspended after she unintentionally brought an unloaded hunting rifle to school in the trunk of her car.

Unlike DeReu, many in the audience were not from Montana, a fact that appeared to confirm for Baldwin that like-minded people from all over the country were traveling to Montana due to, “a hunger and a thirst for freedom.” When he asked audience members to raise their hands if they are not originally from Montana, he estimated 60 percent of the crowd did so.

“How many of you came to Montana because you wanted to live free?” Baldwin asked. “How many of you are not disappointed?”

A man in the audience shouted: “How many were called by God to come here?”

Baldwin went on to state that being born in Montana does not necessarily make one a Montanan.

“There are a lot of people that were born in Montana but are not Montanans,” Baldwin said. “And there are a lot of people, like me, who were not born in Montana but we have been Montanans our whole lives.” (Baldwin arrived in the Flathead in October.)

“Real Montanans love freedom,” he said. “Real Montanans will fight and die for the principles of truth, honor and freedom.”

Over the course of his hour-long speech, Baldwin castigated the Republican Party for failing to overturn Roe v. Wade and outlaw abortion during the six years when the White House and Congress were under GOP control. He also described the “church problem,” blasting religious leaders who he said have become “sheepish slaves of the state,” for failing to proclaim “the principles of freedom,” out of a fear of losing the tax-exempt status granted to churches. Baldwin is beginning his own ministry in Kalispell, the “Liberty Fellowship,” that will not be tax-exempt so that he may address political topics from the pulpit.

He also emphasized that whether someone is a Christian should not cause divisions among those girding for the coming fight.

“Some of our biggest enemies call themselves Christians,” Baldwin said. “Some of our biggest allies do not call themselves Christians.”

“I will fight alongside anyone who will fight for liberty,” he added. “And I will fight against anyone who opposed liberty even if they call themselves Christian.”

While Baldwin largely avoided any specifics, speaking broadly of infringements on concepts like freedom, his overall message was that the U.S. is dangerously close to collapse, and some type of revolution is imminent.

“The days in which we live today are tantamount to the days of 1775 and 1776,” he said. “You don’t have to be a prophet to see the handwriting on the wall, ladies and gentlemen.”

As for the national debate underway over violent political rhetoric in the wake of a shooting rampage in Arizona that killed six people, and nearly took the life of a Congresswoman, Baldwin said the incident is being used by the media to call for stricter gun control measures.

“What happened in Arizona is just another indicator that we the people have the right and need the right to keep and bear arms,” Baldwin said. “I pity the poor fool who would come into this audience tonight and try that.”

Following his speech, Baldwin was asked whether he is “anti-government.” He replied: “I am anti-oppressive, unconstitutional government.” From there, questions ranged from the “chem trails” left in the sky by jets, to the World Trade Organization, to how attacks from groups that monitor extremists – like the Southern Poverty Law Center, Jewish Anti-Defamation League and Montana Human Rights Network – could best be combated. (Baldwin tops a list of leaders in the so-called “Patriot” movement compiled by the SPLC, a ranking Baldwin called, “a kind of honor.”)

Toward the end, a young man asked, “Talk is great … but what do you recommend we actually do about this? Where do we start?”

“We start right here,” Baldwin replied. “You ought to be energized by what you see here tonight.”