The Giffords Shooting Changes Nothing

By Giordano Bruno

Neithercorp Press – 1/12/11

Generally, when one is in the midst of national tragedy, unspoken but expected rules of social conduct tend to take effect. These rules require us to engage in a chorus of collective theater in which every person must act out their best teary-eyed monologue. We suddenly feel obliged to showcase for the world how much more empathetic we are to the plight of the victim or victims than others, or, we simply silence our dissent so that we might avoid appearing “insensitive” to the fads of cultural grieving. That is to say, if you dare to question the honesty behind the sobs, the outrage, or the reactionary zealotry of the ideologues hell bent on exploiting the latest calamity to their own benefit, then you are usually branded as monstrous as the villain or villains who carried out the terrible event in the first place.

Frankly, I could care less about such conventions. The truth takes precedence over all things, even tragedy… Read More

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DHS and the “Leak of Common Sense”

Big Sis and Walmart

by Richard Selfridge

There has been a lot of chatter on the Internet, as  well as through some of the “major news outlets” regarding the “leaked” Wikileaks.  As usual it is the usual corporate, mainstream talking heads that spew off, and call for all sorts of actions against Wikileaks founder and CEO, Julian Assange.  There are actually some who have even called for his assassination.  Mind you, this is nothing more than total trash talk from some idiotic morons putting in their 2 cents worth.  Representative King from New York is one of those morons that think that the documents (that are actually nothing more than an embarrassment to our outlaw government) warrant killing someone.  Imagine, if you will,  that these are, in fact, accurate documents.  There are a lot of people in government that should be sitting in prison for the actions that have been depicted.  But, they will never see the inside of a prison cell, because they are above any and all law.  These elitists make the Mafia look honorable, to say the least.   We have more criminals in Congress and the White House that should be doing time before some poor slob like Julian Assange. Read More

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Something Positive About The TSA

by Robert Picard

During the past several weeks there has been a groundswell of news regarding the policies of the Transportation Security Administration.  The positive thing being the fact that it appears that people are really beginning to wake up to the “creeping tyranny” that has been approaching for many years (It is ironic that as I sit down at my laptop that this is the 47th anniversary of the black op. called the JFK Assasination). Read More

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