Something Positive About The TSA

by Robert Picard

During the past several weeks there has been a groundswell of news regarding the policies of the Transportation Security Administration.  The positive thing being the fact that it appears that people are really beginning to wake up to the “creeping tyranny” that has been approaching for many years (It is ironic that as I sit down at my laptop that this is the 47th anniversary of the black op. called the JFK Assasination). Read More

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High School Government Class Visit

I was recently asked to speak to the Haverhill, Massachusetts High School Government Class.  Arrangements were made toHaverhill High School be there for the 8:15 A.M. class to speak about the Constitution Party on November 16, 2010.  After about 10 minutes covering the Party’s beginnings, it was then time for Q &A. I must say that these young people were well informed on the Constitution Party platform, and a lot of very good questions were asked, ranging from education, same-sex marriage,  gay rights, abortion and federal aid. Read More

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