Glenn Beck Endorses Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Darrell Castle

Lowell, MA (October 13, 2016)—Nationally syndicated talk show host Glenn Beck is endorsing Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle for President of the United States.

Beck said in a statement to The Conservatorian Review that he sees that there is another alternative to the two ‘major party’ candidates, “I cannot vote for Donald Trump. He is so unstable and he is so dangerous.”

But I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton. I can’t do it. She’s just a horse of a different color. They’re both bad. Under Hillary Clinton, the nation would be run by oligarchs,” Beck said.

I’m going to vote for Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party candidate. He has my endorsement,” Beck said.

In a statement for the press, Constitution Party of Massachusetts spokesman Bob Picard says the issue is principle, “Darrell Castle is the better choice because he is with a party that believes in the principles of liberty and the Constitution rather than personalities.”

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