So many things have been happening of late that it is hard to know where to begin.

On August 22nd, Judge Louise Flanagan ruled that the names of three Constitution Party candidates must be placed on the North Carolina November General Election ballot. All three candidates had run for local office in the major party primaries earlier in the year but had lost their races. As soon as the Constitution Party gained ballot access, all three filed to run for the same office under the Constitution Party banner. The North Carolina law states that candidates who lose in the primary election cannot then run as an Independent or as a write-in candidate for the same office in the November General Election. However, it does not prevent those candidates from seeking that same office on another party ticket.

To prevent them from running under the Constitution Party, the state legislature hurriedly passed a “sore loser law” after the three candidates had already filed to run on the CP ticket. Judge Flanagan ruled that the law could not be enforced retroactively and therefore the three candidates will be on the November ballot. One of those candidates is currently serving as county commissioner. Needless to say, this was a major victory for the party. In all, there will be eight Constitution Party candidates on the November ballot. The judge’s ruling was picked up by the Associated Press and was subsequently picked up by other national and local news media. This type of publicity is great for the party.

Now that the Constitution Party is recognized as an official party in the state, North Carolina residents can register as CP voters. Although the option of choosing the party affiliation is not yet printed on the voter registration forms, citizens nonetheless are able to write in “Constitution Party” when registering. The state updates the voter registration weekly and on the first report made available on June 16th, the Constitution Party number stood at 29. The Constitution Party numbers are still small, but the latest report of August 25th shows the party now has more registered voters in 24 of the 100 counties than does the Green Party. In Anson County, the Constitution Party registered voters outnumber those of the Libertarian Party. Once the actual voter registration forms are printed, our numbers should increase even more rapidly. The party is now less than 200 registered voters shy of surpassing the number of Green Party registered voters in that state. This is all very encouraging news.

Nation-wide the number of registered Constitution Party members stands at 99,102. Based on our past growth, I suspect that we will break the 100,000 mark by the end of September. Many states do not provide the option to register by party and others only record that information for parties that are formally recognized in their state as official parties. In fact, at this point, there are only 19 states that officially tally votes for the Constitution Party. In view of this, the actual number of registered Constitution Party voters is considerably higher than 100,000, but we simply have to include those numbers that are available to us.

Exciting news is also forthcoming from the state of West Virginia where Don Blankenship is seeking to be placed on the November General Election ballot for the office of US Senator on the Constitution Party ticket. He had run in the Republican Primary and was leading in the polls until the establishment, and even President Trump, sent out word to, “vote for anyone but Blankenship.” He has since submitted over 11,000 signatures so he has exceeded the approximately 7,000 valid signatures needed to place him on the ballot. However, the West Virginia Secretary of State has declined to place his name on the ballot due to a “sore loser law” on the state’s books. The law is very vague and somewhat discriminatory. Therefore, Don’s attorneys have challenged the law and the case is now before the West Virginia Supreme Court. Don feels that they have a very strong case as well as some very talented attorneys on the case and he feels good about winning the lawsuit. His running on the Constitution Party has been given wide coverage nationally and in the entire state of West Virginia. In interviews, Don comes across as well informed on the issues, very level headed and professional. Here is a link to a recent news release issued by Blankenship.

In the recent August 21st Wyoming Republican Primary, three candidates ended up splintering the conservative vote thereby giving the nomination to a very liberal candidate. This has worked out very much in favor of our Constitution Party candidate, Rex Rammell, who foresaw this result happening and switched from the Republican Party to the Constitution Party in May. Being the Constitution Party candidate ensured him of being on the November ballot. As such, he is the only remaining conservative candidate running for the office of governor. He is being given widespread coverage by the news media throughout the state. Rex did a live radio interview with the most popular talk radio show station, “KGAB,” in Cheyenne. It is worth taking the time to watch here. Rex presents himself very well.

All of this has been made possible because of the loyalty and financial donations of so many of our supporters. Without that continued support, much of our progress would never have been possible. Please continue your support as your time and financial means allow. Donations of any amount are very much needed and deeply appreciated. You may donate online at or you may mail your donation to the Constitution Party PO Box 1782, Lancaster, PA 17608.

With deep appreciation,


National Chairman
Constitution Party