Great News from Arkansas and North Carolina
Also, Date Set for Fall National Committee Meeting

Hello, My Fellow Patriotic Americans! —

We have great news this month. The ballot petition drive for Arkansas is complete and we received official notice from the Arkansas Secretary of State this past week that our Constitution Party Presidential candidate will be on the November 2020 ballot. Counting Arkansas, the party is now on the ballot in 14 states with 137 electoral votes leaving us 133 more electoral votes to reach the 270 electoral vote mark. In the 2016 General Election, our Presidential candidate, Darrell Castle, was only on the ballot in 26 states, yet he received a record number of votes that exceeded 203,000. That was over 80,000 more votes than received in the 2012 Presidential election. Our goal for 2020 is a minimum of 35 states. Once we reach the 35 state level, then North Carolina will automatically retain ballot status.

Signatures are now being gathered in Arizona and Hawaii, both of which are being done, thus far, on a volunteer basis. Hawaii requires 757 valid signatures of registered voters which is very doable. We have secured ballot access there for the past two elections and securing ballot access for the third consecutive election will ensure that the party will be on the ballot for the next five subsequent elections, so, making ballot access this year is critical. Hawaii was one of the top states, percentage-wise, for Darrell Castle in 2016 and our US Senate candidate, Joy Allison, received over 33% more votes than did the Libertarian Party candidate. She received 2.19% of the vote. Darrell Castle received 1.05% of the vote. Only Alaska and South Dakota gave Castle a higher percentage of the vote than did Hawaii.

We are beginning to get inquiries from potential candidates interested in running for various offices in 2020. It is very encouraging to be getting this level of interest so early. That is even more reason why getting on the ballot in as many states as possible this year is so critical. Unless the party is ballot-qualified in a state, our candidates simply cannot run for office. Being on the ballot in a state is key to attracting top notch-candidates.

Your consistent donations to the party are making this all happen. Click here to donate now. If possible, commit to donating a given amount each month for the next 15 months. If you have not yet donated, then please do so now. The cost per signature is much less in off-election years like 2019 than it will be next year and we need to take full advantage of that.

When making a donation on the national web site, you have the option to select the category you wish your donation to go to. Some of the options are Ballot Access, the Howard Phillips Legacy Society program, or your home state’s annual State Assessment. Donations made to the latter two of these three categories can be used wherever needed by the party. However, each year that a state pays it’s annual state assessment fee of $1,000.00, it receives one additional delegate to the Presidential Nominating Convention in 2020. This is a factor you may wish to consider when making your donation.

More Exciting News from North Carolina

The following encouraging news was received this week from Kevin Hays of North Carolina:

Greg Holt, our Constitution Party candidate for the North Carolina 3rd Congressional District, has a great shot at winning a special election scheduled for September 10th. He needs to raise $4,500.00 by August 1st which will enable him to get more signs and run radio ad’s all across his district which includes 17 counties. His district also includes Greene County in which our candidate Jerry Jones won a commission seat in a two-way race with 53% of the vote. District three was represented by Walter Jones who died in February and was very much a Ron Paul type Republican. We feel Greg can win the seat with 34 to 35 percent of the vote. It’s a four-way race with the Republican candidate being very liberal. Greg Holt’s website is

If you wish to write a check, please contact Kevin Hayes at This is a major opportunity for The Constitution Party. Greg polled 23% of the vote in a three-way race in Craven County for commissioner with the party in 2018. He was just 26 votes shy of placing second. Craven is the second-most populous county in the district. He has been endorsed by people in the fishing industry and the voter vice chairman of the Veterans Affairs of North Carolina.

Date set for Fall National Committee Meeting in Pittsburgh

The contract has been signed and the dates set for the fall National Committee meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The details will appear on the national web site very shortly. The date is Thursday, Oct 17th through Saturday, Oct 19th. Begin making plans now to attend that event. We hope to invite a number of candidates who have an interest in running for various state offices to speak at the event and to rub shoulders with us.

Once again, I want to express my sincere thanks to each of you for your continued and faithful support of our efforts to build a viable political force in our nation. Without your support, our continued growth and success could not happen.


Frank Fluckiger
National Chairman
Constitution Party