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HowardPhillps_quoteHoward Phillips, founder of the Constitution Party, often said:

“To capture the Presidency for an agenda of Constitutional renewal, we need a political instrument with clarity of principle and unity of purpose — one willing to offer a change in direction as well as a switch of drivers. Your vote is wasted only when you give it to someone who is leading the country away from what you believe.”

Howard’s vision was to build an alternative party based on the Founding Father’s timeless convictions. We have done that, and through sustaining donations, we continue to grow. Now, with the enthusiastic support of his widow, we are re-naming our pledge program The Howard Phillips Legacy Society.

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History of Massachusetts

paulreverestatueMost people are ignorant of the history of their own State.  Let me change that.  Most people are ignorant of history, period!   Well, here is a site that should change that.  It is simply called “The History of Massachusetts.”  Here is the link: